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Heart Value: Feel Appreciated in Ways That Matter and Discover Your True Stride

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Mary Tess Rooney
Mary Tess Rooney
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Have you ever felt undervalued, overlooked or unappreciated? Are you successful by society’s standards, but feel deflated inside? Are you settling for less than you deserve? Do you desire success, happiness and recognition? If your heart longs for more but you don’t know how to achieve it, Heart Value is the path for you. This book empowers you to honor your truth as you make choices and take actions to elevate your value, relationships, fulfillment and joy. Through stories and self-discovery practices, you are invited to: Prioritize fun to elevate your joy, Follow your heart to awaken your inner guidance, Reclaim your power by voicing what truly matters to you, Expand your value by honoring your unique experiences and talents. Heart Value is a gift for your soul. Make an investment in yourself and what lights you up personally and professionally! Your inner compass knows what’s calling you. It's time to follow your heart, direct your path and discover your True Stride!


Author Bio:

Mary Tess Rooney founded True Stride to create a movement where individuals unlock their Heart Value to deepen personal fulfillment, increase meaningful relationships and elevate joy. As a Heart Value expert, author and speaker, Mary Tess created strategies and tools to help people like you voice your value and prioritize fun. In Heart Value, Mary Tess guides readers to recognize what lights them up to feel energized and appreciated in ways that matter. Mary Tess’s love of adventure prompts a “yes” to practically all new opportunities. She loves the outdoors, animals, cooking and physical activities like hiking, horseback riding and skiing. In her search for joy and meaning, Mary Tess attends holistic retreats and explores the national parks with her two German shepherds, Cali and Trooper. Prior to True Stride, Mary Tess was a strategy and communications executive who naturally sifted through noise, crafted plans, achieved results and enabled teams to get their stride on within a multibillion-dollar business. Her business savvy, intuition and proficiency in sales, training, communications, public relations and project management empowers individuals to achieve success based on their own personal vision and Heart Value rules. Mary Tess holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from New York University and certifications in coaching, change management, executive leadership, sales training, yoga and more. For fun, you’ll find her following her heart to design epic adventures and making memories with loved ones.


“Mary Tess Rooney invites readers to identify that something the heart values -- but currently lacks – (and then,) to embrace the adventure of finding it, to make ‘resonant choices’ while striding toward it, and to voice their value and ‘activate appreciation’.”

Review Source:

BookLife by Publishers Weekly

Author: Mary Tess Rooney

Narrator: Mary Tess Rooney

Publishers: True Stride

ISBN: 9781736860939

Running Time: 7:24:03

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