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Independent Publishing Services

What We Do

Once you’ve selected your narrator and we've received the signed production agreement and initial payment from you, we will get started on your audiobook. When we have completed the recording, and it’s gone through editing, quality-control and mastering, we’ll send you your audio files to listen to and make sure that it’s to your liking.


Lantern Independent Publishing provides full distribution services for your audiobook placing it on all online digital retail and library platforms across the globe. You’ll receive quarterly royalty reports and payments. See below for the full list of platforms that we distribute with.


Lantern Audio has seven state-of-the-art audio suites specifically designed for voice-over narrations with the highest quality recording equipment and a variety of professional microphones to choose from. In addition, our Studio A and B suites are professionally designed with the client in mind and have been acoustically programmed by certified technicians. Studio A is generally operated by our IMDB credited senior engineer John St. Denis. Our vast experience with ADR, sound design, voiceover, audio narration, music, podcasts and client management make recording here an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Production FAQs

How much does it cost to create an audiobook?

The cost will vary based on total word count and number of narrators. Our rates are highly competitive compared with other producers in the industry. All prices are based on the total finished time and includes casting, narration, editing, quality control, and mastering. 

How is the narrator chosen?

After you send us your project and give us some thoughts on your ideal narrator, our professional casting director will find the best voices and send you 3 audio samples to choose from. You always have final say in who tells your story.

Can I have more than one narrator?

If your book features multiple POVs, casting a different voice for each character really brings the story to life. We’re happy to create an audiobook with more than one narrator, though it tends to cost a little more to produce. 

Can I request a favorite narrator?

We’d be happy to reach out to specific narrators. Be aware that some A-list narrators demand higher rates, which will increase the overall hourly cost.

How long does it take?

It generally takes four to six weeks to produce your audiobook.

What if I change my mind?

We understand. It's a big investment. Let us know in writing at any point and you’ll be charged only for the work that’s already been completed.

How will I get my audiobook?

We will send you a link to download your distribution-ready mp3 audio files. They’re yours to do with as you like. If you're interested in distribution options, see below.

Do I retain the rights?

Yes, you retain all rights to your audiobook.

​Do you work with authors outside of the U.S.?

Yes, we work with authors all across the globe.

Distribution FAQs

Do you offer distribution?

Yes! Once you’ve produced your audiobook with us, we will gladly handle distribution to all of the major online retail and library platforms at no extra charge. If you already have a finished audiobook and need distribution, we offer that service too.


Retail: Audible, Apple Books, iTunes,, Scribd, Nook Audio, Google Play, Playster, Odilo, DownPour, Kobo, Walmart,, Storytel, and
Library: Overdrive, HOOPLA, Findaway (Bibliotheca, Baker & Taylor, Follett Library Services), and Mackln Educational Resources

Do I have to use you for distribution?

Not at all. You’re welcome to distribute your audiobook yourself or use us for some outlets while you go directly to others. It’s always your choice.

My Audiobook is recorded but not retail ready, can you help?

Yes, for a nominal fee we can ensure your audio files are ready for distribution, create or adapt cover art, obtain an ISBN number for sales, or any other service you may need to make sure your audiobook is ready to sell.

How much will I make on each sale?

We give authors a generous split of 75% of cash received, which varies depending on the outlet. From Audible, for example, we receive 25% of list price for every sale (of which 75% goes to the author). For other sites, we’ve negotiated a higher percentage and for, you’ll receive the full 75% of list.

How are royalties handled?

We will send you a royalty statement accompanied by a check on a quarterly schedule. No payment will be processed until $50.00 is earned out.


Make Life Simple & Get Back To Writing

Let us handle your distribution so you can get back to writing. We have partnered with distributors around the world to create maximum exposure in the marketplace.


How much does it cost?

There is a one time setup fee of $199 to prepare your audiobook for all distributors' formats.

How much will I make on each sale?

We give authors a generous split of 75% of cash received, which varies depending on each outlet. From Apple Books, for example, we receive 50% of list price for every sale, and from Audible we receive 25% of every sale. We then pass 75% of those proceeds to the author. Your first check will be processed after $50.00 is earned.

For more information please don't hesitate to contact us. We love meeting new people.

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