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The Labyrinth of the World and the Paradise of the Heart

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Jan Amos Comenius
Glenn Boychuk
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The Labyrinth of the World is about a fellow named Pilgrim who treks through the world in order to find the best way to live, aided by two guides: Mr. Ubiquitous and Mr. Delusion. Pilgrim finds much to be concerned about in the world. Ultimately, he finds something he had not planned upon in his journey: The Paradise of the Heart. This original pilgrim allegory was penned 55 years before Pilgrim's Progress. Find out how an educator and theologian, with real-life experience, penned a profound story that is still contemporary today. This book will inspire you amidst the rapidly changing world around us. Comenius shares how he lived as a pilgrim amidst the rapidly changing world of his time.

Author Bio:

Timothy L. Price is an author/publisher who concentrates written works and teaching about the Kingdom of God amongst the kingdoms of men. In 2005 he published his first book: The Diluted Church and has published 26 other volumes for other authors since. Now in 2021 he is concentrated on publishing his own works.

Narrator Bio:

Glenn has been a voiceover actor and broadcaster for many years. His field of work includes national, regional, and local radio and TV ads, internet and website videos, and voice acting parts in movies where he has IMDb credits. Glenn has been the host of a number of radio shows as a morning show host in Burlington VT, Phoenix, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Omaha, NE. Glenn’s hobbies include playing guitar and song writing. He is also a huge hockey fan following his Winnipeg Jets, and loves golf and going to car shows.



I have used an English translation of Labyrinth in my classes for years and students often express amazement at how contemporary it feels. This new version of the venerable classic makes Comenius’s allegory is even more engaging and accessible for modern readers. Comenius invites modern readers to take off our “rose-colored glasses” and see the world as it is so that we can also find a better path to meaningful existence.


Review Source: 

Rev. Dr. Craig D. Atwood, Charles D. Couch Professor of Moravian Theology Moravian University in Bethlehem, PA


Author: Jan Amos Comenius

Adapted By: Timothy L. Price

Narrators: Glenn Boychuk

Publishers: Ekklesia Press

Copyright: 2021 Timothy L. Price

Audiobook Release Date: 7/1/2021

Running Time: 07:59:00 

ISBN: 9781737235316


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