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Treasures of the Heart

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Oliver Forward
Dr. Thomas F. Freeman
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Title Synopsis:
Remember, true love cannot be measured, when it has been emptied from the heart. These romantic poems composed by Oliver Forward, remind the reader about positive thoughts in their past with the hope those feelings recur in the future.

Author Bio:
Oliver Forward was born and brought up in the deep piney woods of East Texas to a large family who lived in a small, framed house right off the west side of the Sabine River. His inspiration to write about love sprang from Mother nature, her sun rays ambushing the beautiful petals that decorated the dogwood trees, intoxicating his young, inquisitive mind.

Author: Oliver Forward / Forward, Oliver

Narrator: Dr. Thomas F. Freeman / Freeman, Dr. Thomas F.

Copyright: 2023 Oliver Forward

Running Time: 00:47:03

ISBN: 9781959162292

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