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The Labyrinth Influence

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PJ Jackson
Caroline Slaughter
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If just one step could change your life, would you take it? In The Labyrinth Influence: Awaken The Wisdom Within, we meet a woman searching for answers. After overcoming myriad challenges in work and life—a round of layoffs, her husband’s serious illness, and health issues of her own—the Woman finds herself at the mouth of a labyrinth, unsure of her next move. Should she pursue the road less traveled and the potential to make a difference, or stick with the safety of what she has always known? Before she can find her path, she must let go of it all—her social conditioning, her definition of success, and even her concept of herself. Thus, the Woman sets off on her journey, learning to trust herself in the labyrinth and beyond. Along the way, she encounters setbacks and challenges that make her question everything. But ultimately, she realizes that she has had the answers all along—she just had to figure out how to access them. In this moving business fable based on author PJ Jackson’s transformative experiences as an applied scientist and authority on women in business, the reader travels with the Woman as she uncovers seven universal wisdoms and cultivates grace, power, and ease on the route to personal fulfillment. If you are ready to tap into your inner wisdom, identify your true purpose, and embrace your own unique value, then PJ Jackson—and The Labyrinth Influence: Awaken the Wisdom Within—is your guide.

Author Bio: An applied scientist, redefining the narrative for our future, who sees kindness as a key ingredient to success. PJ is a high energy leader, transformational change agent, and authority on women in business. After three decades of influencing change in federal government, defense and aerospace industry, PJ is focused on our future by promoting a respectful and diverse culture of kindness from children to CEOs.

Author: PJ Jackson

Narrator: Caroline Slaughter

Publisher: ListenUp Production LLC

ISBN Number: 9781953598165

Total Runtime: 2:18:04

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