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Happy Hamster - How Hamsters Influence Champions with Only a Wheel and Cage

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Hami Mahani
Millian Q
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Title Synopsis

Are you tired of "Motivational Speakers", influencers, and social media posts regurgitating the same "Work Hard" quotes as the secret to Professional Success? What if I told you there are tangible daily actions you can incorporate into your daily routine that will not only change your physical health, but gradually yield professional health and prosperity! Discover why a simple daily 6AM run will DRASTICALLY change your life in every way! With over 72 MILLION daily runners in America including CEOs and America’s most successful businesspeople already following this habit, you too will achieve more success. Doing this for fifteen minutes every morning will change your business. Researchers have discovered people with a morning routine enjoy: 38% more willpower, 36% less stress and anxiety, and 42% more focus.

Author Bio

HAMI MAHANI of Wilmington, Delaware, is known locally in the corporate world as a Marketing and Advertising guru.  In 2018, after more than ten years of getting up for a “6AM run” before his 8-5 “job,” he began looking for healthy ways to energize his morning routine. To his surprise, he discovered there was a lack of proper nutrition, recovery, and boost products for daily runners. Additionally, he was unhappy and unfulfilled with his “Marketing” work for companies and brands that didn’t impact people’s lives. He faced a major personal crossroad. Seeing a demand for running-targeted personal nutrition, was founded. The initial product was a unique all-in-one formula combining hydration, vitamins, and energy for recovery. In less than three years, it grew to helping one million runners, and generating millions in sales revenue. Mahani targeted his passion for the physical health and wellness industry and turned it into his full-time job.

Author: Hami Mahani

Narrator: Millian Q

Publishers: Gatekeeper Press        

Copyright: 2022 Hami Mahani

Running Time: 01:45:49                                                

ISBN: 9781953598769

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