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Mirror Work Works

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Greta Counts
Linda Boston
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Title Synopsis:

Greta Counts believes the power of self-love is powerful. This book offers a holistic approach to build a loving relationship with the most important person you will ever meet…YOU. 

Looking as far back as 1998, it is clear that her discipline and commitment to the daily practice of the mirror technique has and continues to transform her life exponentially.  Greta says, “Using mirror work I became more self-aware and learned to love the unlovable parts of myself.  Without realizing it, I became my own best friend. Building up close and personal with myself using mirror work has not only improved my relationship with me, it has also enhanced my relationship with God and others.  I have written this book in hopes that you too will enjoy the benefits it brings.”

The Mirror Work technique is a wonderful power tool that you can use to change how you see yourself and create a more loving relationship with yourself and others.

Mirror Work lifts the veils of illusion about your unworthiness, feelings of insecurity, inferiority and inadequacy.  It diminishes the imposter syndrome and reveals the love already within you. 

Ultimately you will see yourself through loving eyes and begin to practice unconditional self-love, self-acceptance and self-compassion. This process will open you to be more receptive to love and you will find it easier to love and accept others unconditionally. 

As a transformational coach she has observed the power that loving yourself can have on your relationships with life and others.  She has watched its positive effect in the lives of her clients and she has certainly experienced it herself.

Yes, it’s true.  Mirror Work works!

Author Bio:

Greta Counts is the CEO and founder of the Center for Self-Awareness.  Her career in coaching and training in the personal growth and professional development field spans over 22 years.  As a thought leader, spiritual teacher, minister and transformational speaker she empowers individuals, teams and organizations to change behavior from within the self.

Greta received her BBA from Georgia State University with a concentration in Organizational Theory and Behavior.  She is a Licensed Practitioner in Metaphysics with the Centers for Spiritual Living ™ and Emerson Theological Institute.  She is a Hay House accredited Heal Your Life © Licensed Workshop Facilitator, Certified Life Coach and Spiritual Leader with Unity Worldwide Ministries.

Greta’s passion for transforming lives through the arena of self-awareness continues to inspire confidence with clients in the areas of Mindfulness, Emotional Awareness, Entrepreneurship and Sales.  For more information, visit and

Author: Greta Counts / Counts, Greta

Narrator: Linda Boston / Boston, Linda

Publisher: Mountain Arbor Press

Copyright: 2022 Greta Counts

Running Time: 03:10:15

ISBN: 9781959162278

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