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Les Tempetes de Souffrance

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Eric April
Yoan Fournier-Moreau
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Title Synopsis:

Eric April est un jeune comédien qui, dans son enfance, a beaucoup souffert. Mal dans sa peau et malheureux, il s’est investi dans les études. Solitaire et renfermé sur lui-même, il s’est jeté à corps perdu dans la poésie qui lui a permis d’exprimer son mal-être et toutes ses souffrances. Aujourd’hui, il est heureux et a décidé de partager son expérience dans un recueil de poèmes : Les Tempêtes de Souffrance. Le pire est derrière lui, enfin Eric a trouvé le bonheur en chemin.

Author Bio:

Eric April is a young actor, born on April 11, 1998, in the suburbs of Paris. In his childhood, he moved around a lot with his parents. Passionate about cinema, he wasn’t ready to start an acting career yet. At age 18, he decided to become independent by getting an apartment in a university residence. But at the back of his mind, he kept his eye on the prize: to make movies. While studying for a degree in physics at university, Eric continued going out on casting calls. The road to success is long, and Eric writes poems to express his frustration. For him, it’s a healthy outlet and salvation, as he waits to be hired for a role. In June 2021, he met the team of production company EPP, a subsidiary of the Mason Ewing Corp. From their exchanges, a collaboration is formed. EPP advises him to dedicated himself entirely to the artistic world to achieve his dream. Eric April then published his first book, The Storms of Suffering ! Next step, Eric will fly to Los Angeles, film capital of the world, and tap into American creative energy!

Author: Eric April

Narrator: Yoan Fournier-Moreau

Copyright: Ewing Publication

Running Time: 00:23:27

ISBN: 9782492934933

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