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Le Monstre Des Bisous

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Mason Ewing, Zacharie Malek
Nathalie Boyer
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Title Synopsis:

Joshua est un petit garçon de bientôt sept ans qui déteste les bisous, ce qui provoque beaucoup de disputes avec ses parents. Un soir, un étrange monstre va venir à sa rencontre et lui donner des épreuves. Joshua réussira-t-il à récolter des bisous à temps et à être plus gentil avec ses parents ?

Author Bio:

Mason Ewing:

Mason Ewing is an American-Cameroonian author of the Jewish faith, born April 9, 1982 in Doula, Cameroon. After publishing his autobiography in 2019, he has written several series of books for children and teenagers. His books' themes mainly center on childhood, family and, above all, friendship.

Zacharie Malek :

Zacharie Malek, of French-American descent, was born in Athens, Ohio. After returning to France at age two, he grew up in the Normandy region. The son of a schoolteacher mother and a teacher-researcher father, the home environment gave him a taste for reading from an early age. As a boy, he already had a large library. He grew up surrounded by stories of all kinds, which inspired his dreams and helped develop his creativity and love of children's literature. After graduating high school with honors, followed by a Bachelor of Arts in psychology, he decided to focus on writing. With the books he co-writes, Zacharie hopes to share stories with children that will make their eyes shine in wonder, as his did. Zacharie's fantastic adventures always have a moral to the story, as he feels strongly about sharing the values of tolerance, respect for others and awareness of the world of disability. He is also the Editor-in-chief of Mag'ison magazine, which features manga, animation, video games, pop culture and Baby Madison’s universe.

Author: Mason Ewing, Zacharie Malek

Narrator: Nathalie Boyer

Copyright: Ewing Publisher

Running Time: 00:17:43

ISBN: 9782490821341

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