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The Sh*t They Never Taught You: What You Can Learn from Books

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Adam Jones, Adam Ashton
Adam Jones, Adam Ashton
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Have you ever stumbled upon a piece of life-changing knowledge that made you think: why the hell didn't someone tell me this sooner?

Millions of people have listened to Adam and Adam on the What You Will Learn podcast, where they have spent tens of thousands of hours studying the best ideas from the greatest minds on the planet. Their most frequently asked question: what is the best lesson you've come across? While you'd think a simple question would have a simple answer, it didn't - until now! The Shit They Never Taught You will take you on a journey through takeaways from over a hundred of the world's greatest thinkers capturing lessons in personal development, career, business, personal finances, human nature, history, and philosophy. Every lesson will be useful, and one might change your life.

Author Bio: 

Adam Ashton - After bouncing around between Uni degrees (physiotherapy, economics, finance) then bouncing around between jobs (corporate banking, transport and logistics, digital marketing), I found a lot of the answers I was searching for in books. My favourite books have helped me understand myself better and understand the world better.

Adam Jones - I proudly come from a working class background in Cheltenham, Australia. I’ve gone gone through plenty of phases: study Jones, hippy Jones, bender Jones, travel Jones, surfer Jones… but most recently landed on Book Jones. This was spurred on when I came across my first transformational book: Allen Carr’s The Easy Way to Stop Smoking. This was the great realisation: $25 and 10 hours investment can dramatically alter the course of your life. I essentially swapped the pack-a-day smoking habit for the book-a-week reading habit. Books have since transformed how I move through the world."

Authors: Adam Jones, Adam Ashton

Narrators: Adam Jones, Adam Ashton

Publishers: What You Will Learn

Copyright: 2021 What You Will Learn

Running Time: 20:10:20

ISBN: 978-0-6451338-1-3


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