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Never Too Late to Dream: You Benchang's Wisdom of Life

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Jinhang Xu
Da Meng Chu Xiao
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Title Synopsis:


Master You Benchang is an elder artist in China. His portrayal of Ji Gong (济公)is deeply rooted in people's hearts and known to all. However, most people's impression of Master You is limited to his image as Ji Gong. Few know that Master You played minor roles for half a lifetime before taking on the role of Ji Gong after age 50. Few know that at 85 years old, Master You still actively performs on stage. Even fewer know that at the incredible age of 80, Master You sold his home to start a performing arts troupe, all to promote art and enlighten people. The story of Master You Benchang is worth young people today learning about and being inspired by. His ideology has profound significance for countless contemporary readers.

Author Bio:

许晋杭,1992年2月1日出生于福建晋江,青年作家,师从表演艺术家“济公”游本昌老师,毕业于北京现代音乐学院,福建省作家协会会员,福州大学特聘辅导员,福建青年五四奖章,泉州市政协委员,晋江市人大代表 ,晋江市公安局宣传大使。

 Xu Jinhang, born on February 1, 1992 in Jinjiang, Fujian, a young writer. He studied under performing artist "Ji Gong" You Benchang and graduated from Beijing Modern Music Academy. Xu is a member of the Fujian Writers Association, specially-appointed counselor at Fuzhou University, recipient of the Fujian Youth May Fourth Medal, member of the Quanzhou CPPCC, people's representative of Jinjiang City, and publicity ambassador for the Jinjiang Public Security Bureau.

Title: 梦想永远不会太晚 Never Too Late To Dream

Subtitle: “济公”游本昌的智慧人生 You Benchang's Wisdom of Life

Author: 许晋杭 Jinhang Xu

Narrator: 大梦初晓 Da Meng Chu Xiao

Publisher: 中文在线集团 COL Group

Running Time: 8.2 hr

ISBN: 9781962317085

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