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Root, Rise, Roar

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Dawn King
Dawn King
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Title Synopsis:

Five Years of Therapy in One Book 

Perhaps you have reached a level of success in your career and personal life but don’t feel anything at all - only the persistent nag of being unfulfilled and “numb.” Or maybe you feel held back by trauma or frustrating patterns like overwhelm, procrastination and self-doubt, unable to reach your next level of happiness and success. 

With a lifetime spent in behavioral psychology working with some of the biggest names in the business and 30 years helping thousands of individuals find freedom and transformation in the field of trauma transformation, healthy relationships and resilience, Dawn King is ready to create your next lasting breakthrough. This book is not a surface cure or magic pill - it’s a pathway for real, sustainable change and transformation. Bravely and beautifully, Dawn unravels the knots of emotional pain, reconnects you to your true nature, and invites you to remember or find your voice. Build mental strength, develop emotional fluency and create lasting change for your nervous system. If you’re ready to be who you came on this planet to be, it’s time for you to Root, Rise, and Roar.

Author Bio:

Dawn is a Canadian certified addictions counselor, expressive arts therapist, and a certified trauma and first responder therapist as well as an award winning author, singer, and educator. Dawn has trained and taught extensively in ecopsychology and nature-based therapies. Her passion and purpose is in the heart of creating innovative therapy, eliminating destructive generational trauma, and trailblazing experiential programs for lasting change.

Dawn believes that humans are extraordinary in their capacity to connect, to cultivate courage, build mental strength, develop emotional fluency, and create lasting change in their relationships while eliminating the shackles of self-doubt, fear, shame and worry. Her practice focuses on encouraging willingness to stay the course, peel off the layers, shed the skin, and grow forward from the pain and embrace the victory.

Dawn specializes in helping others with their relationship with themselves and others. In her signature R3 program (Root, Rise, Roar), Dawn helps women and men to heal from the effects of various types of traumas by helping them to find their voice, overcome their fears, and get honest with all the avoidance. As a result, a life of worth and purpose can root and then rise. Dawn delivers extraordinary and lasting results - she is a leading expert on transforming lives and limitations.

Author: Dawn King

Narrator: Dawn King

Publisher: Muse Literary

Running Time: 06:12:05

ISBN: 9781960876539

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