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Ghosted Bird

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Yuewen Wang
Zhong Zheng
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Title Synopsis:

其实,亡魂鸟谁也没见过,鸟都是天黑了才出来。据说,荆都北湖的亡魂鸟是湖里淹死的人变的,是人的亡魂。《亡魂鸟》一书,叙述的是一个漂亮女人的离奇命运。 书中的主人公维娜是一个美丽动人的女知青,她爱上了农场的才子,高大英俊的郑秋轮,厄运便也就开始了,他们俩双亲双爱。他们双双在工作之余,到湖边钩鱼及到别的农场串门,都不知危险也在一步步地向他们迫近。场长郭浩然要拆散鸳鸯。他一言九鼎,郑秋轮遭到了报复,被定为重点改造对象。 No one has ever seen a ghosted bird - birds only come out when it's dark. It's said that the Ghosted Bird in Beihu Lake of Jingdu are drowned ghosts that have turned into birds - they are human souls. The book Dead Soul Bird tells the bizarre fate of a beautiful woman. The protagonist Wei Na is a lovely and charming educated youth. She falls in love with Zheng Qiulun, the talented and tall, handsome man at the farm. And so their misfortune began. The two loved each other deeply. During their spare time after work, they would fish together by the lake and visit other farms, unaware of the danger that crept closer step by step. Farm chief Guo Haoran wanted to break up the lovebirds. His word was law, and Zheng Qiulun suffered retaliation, being targeted for intense reform.

Author Bio:


Wang Yuewen, native of Xiangtan County, Hunan Province, is a novelist and member of the China Writers Association. He worked in government agencies for many years and now serves the Hunan Writers Association. His published works include the novels Guohua (Chinese Painting), Meici's Story, Ghosted Bird, and others.

Title: 亡魂鸟 Ghosted Bird

Author: 王跃文 Yuewen Wang

Narrator: 郑重 Zhong Zheng

Publisher: 中文在线集团 COL Group

Running Time: 10.69 hrs

ISBN: 9781962317108

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