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Free For All: A Lexi Fagan Mystery

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Autumn Doerr
Kristi Burns
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Title Synopsis: In the second book in the Lexi Fagan Mystery series, Lexi finds a new job in the City by the Bay as a receptionist at a political think tank. Her life finally seems to be getting back on track when her boss is found murdered in his office. Lexi’s old friend, Detective Robert Reiger, pulls the young redhead into the investigation. As Lexi becomes Reiger’s “eyes and ears” inside The Freedom Institute, suspects seem to multiply by the day.

Author Bio: Autumn Doerr is the author of the Lexi Fagan Mystery series. When not writing mysteries, Doerr is an Emmy winning and GLAAD-award winning television producer and writer.

Author: Autumn Doerr

Narrator: Kristi Burns

Publishers: Autumn Doerr

Copyright: © Copyright 2019, Autumn Doerr

Running Time: 05:04:39

ISBN: 9780986120947

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