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A Single Mom’s Guide to Raising Black (Gentle)Men

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Sanya Simmons
Sanya Simmons
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Title Synopsis

"A Single Mom's Guide to Raising Black (Gentle) Men" is an impactful book that shows you how to persevere and ultimately raise young men who are confident, accountable, and capable of facing whatever life throws at them. 

Throughout her book, author Sanya Simmons dives deeply into the real issues single moms face when raising Black sons. Full of practical tips and real-life examples, this book addresses a wide range of topics. This includes the role a mom plays in raising a man, educational challenges and stereotypes, talking to your son about sex, sexual orientation and gender identity, balancing parenting with your own needs, and much more. Written by a single mom for single moms, this is an authentic, matter of fact, and necessary book for women raising sons of all ages.

Author Bio

Sanya Simmons is a divorced mom of two grown sons. She believes that everyone has worth and purpose in this life. Sanya also believes that everyone is deserving of love. These two beliefs are the foundation of her parenting style. Sanya is also an audiobook narrator, voice actor, Reiki Master, and an avid reader. She is passionate about the social issues affecting our sons, and she believes that we must do everything within our power to set them up for success.

Author: Sanya Simmons

Narrator: Sanya Simmons

Copyright: Sanya Simmons

Running Time: 02:30:33

ISBN: 9781669681830 

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