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Yoga Song

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Dr. Gregory Ormson
Dr. Gregory Ormson
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Title Synopsis

Yoga Song’s author states the song of yoga is breath which turns ordinary moments into the extraordinary. In 21 vignettes and five original songs, Ormson narrates a journey of self-discovery, sharing knowledge, understanding, and quotations to inspire listeners. Every yoga song unfolds in the yogi, an instrument made of mind, spirit, emotion, energy, and consciousness. In chapters like, “Transforming the Emotional Body,” “Ritual Process and the Yogi’s New Song,” and “Yogatecture: Blueprint of Transformation,” Yoga Song becomes an instrument of mass inspiration in a melody proclaiming to every yogi that their breath is their song, a sacred song and the sound track to their journey of transformation.

Author Bio

Gregory Ormson is a registered yoga teacher and the author of Yoga Song (Rochak Press 2022). He contributes regularly to OM Yoga Magazine and Asana International Yoga Journal. Some of his articles have logged more than 400,000 views and over 7000 shares on social media. Originally from Wisconsin, he received a doctorate at The Chicago Theological Seminary where he studied the healing power of touch in ritual environments. Ormson is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin La Crosse, and Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Michigan. He writes on yoga, motorcycling, music, and other subjects under #motorcyclingyogiG and his website,

Author: Dr. Gregory Ormson

Narrator: Dr. Gregory Ormson

Copyright: 2022 Dr. Gregory Ormson

Running Time: 02:31:29

ISBN: 9781959162148

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