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Yin Mysitcism and the Vesica Piscis

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Brynja Magnusson
Brynja Magnusson
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Title Synopsis:

Yin, a paradoxical, still, dark, chaotic, and unknowable principal. The oft forgotten counterpart to Yang, Yin is among the most mystical topics yet also the most difficult to describe. It has so many taboo, confusing, and paradoxical aspects. Yet, in its darkness lies the source of action, success, and meaning. Hidden in Yin life phases, experiences, and events is something secret and abundant. Through a Yin path, one can achieve huge outcomes by doing nothing. One can win by yielding and garner support by listening. One can manifest by waiting, impact through silence, and be strong through weakness. In other words, the Yin ways are the forgotten methods of moving receptively through life, begetting huge abundance with little effort. However, through thousands of years of Yang domination, only the Yang, active, and masculine methods of accomplishment have survived as the sole path to success. How can we tap into the mystical, powerful, and hidden strategies latent in a Yin way of doing and seeing things? The famous Taoist sage, Lao Tzu, advised to “know the male but keep to the female.” His words indicated that if a sage could keep to the receptive and Yin path, then there is nothing he cannot do. Yin is the paradoxical headwaters of all manifestations, and by aligning ourselves with Yin methods we can, like ancient masters, siphon abundance from a Yin and Yang world. Yin Mysticism is an ontological treatise and hypothesis on the unknowable and dark half of all things: the wu-wei-like tactics for aligning with Yin.

Author Bio:  Growing up between the lush forests of New York and the mossy lava fields of Iceland, Brynja has been immersed in nature spirituality since childhood.  For over 10 years she has been studying tools such as the I Ching,  animal archetypes and divination, and healing modalities that address untreatable or undiagnosable chronic pain and illness.  Brynja seeks out niche tools, systems, and ideas that help us orient in chaos, find meaning, and connect to nature as a guide.  These tools have come through modalities such as Shamanism, Eastern Spirituality, manual therapies, rituals, initiations, and nature immersion.

Her artworks are her personal notes, the product of her reality.  The topics Brynja studies she shares via art, design, and description.  Everything that she learns has to pass through her in some form of creativity.  Therefore, her work is of making her personal studies into guides for others to learn as she is learning.

Author: Brynja Magnusson

Narrator: Brynja Magnusson

Copyright: 2023 Ceremoniance LLC

Running Time: 13:31:28

ISBN: 9798368951300

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