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The Original Frontier - The Serious Seeker’s Guide to Zen

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Zenkai Taiun Michael J Elliston
Zenkai Taiun Michael J Elliston
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Title Synopsis: This book is for those who have a serious interest in meditation. The Original Frontier is a thorough, yet uncomplicated guide for Zen practice: a unique resource for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike, as one of its reader’s testimonials puts it. A unique approach to introducing Zen for both new practitioners, and for guiding maturing students in Zen. This is a book that simplifies the fundamentals of Soto Zen practice for new neophytes, and expands understanding of Zen for experienced practitioners, so that all can apply Zen in daily life. Written to be accessible, no matter the readers’ experience level, the author guides them away from pitfalls and back toward the deep end of the pool.

Author Bio: Zenkai Taiun M Ellison, Roshi, began his engagement with Zen in 1966, when he met Rev. Soyu Matsuoka-roshi, founder and head teacher of the Chicago Zen Buddhist Temple (CZBT). He contacted Zen through Rev. Soyu Matsuoka-roshi in the mid-sixties, becoming his disciple in short order, and later founded the Atlanta Soto Zen Center (ASZC) in the 1970s, of which he is the current Abbot, and which is one of the largest and most active centers for lay practitioners of Zen in the United States today.

Michael Joseph Elliston has enjoyed a robust career in the creative professions, as a graphic and product designer-builder, and as a teacher. His teaching career spanned seven years before he moved from Chicago to Atlanta in 1970 with a consumer research company.

He is a professional designer with a second vocation in customer research, experienced in marketing, retail planning and design, and manufacturing for new product development. He consults in a variety of areas of creativity and innovation with emerging hi-tech companies.

Author: Zenkai Taiun Michael J Elliston

Narrator: Zenkai Taiun Michael J Elliston 

Publishers: Schiffer Publishing, Ltd; Red Feather Imprint

Copyright: 2020 Michael Elliston

Running Time: 13:16:47

ISBN: 9781959162483

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