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The Legend of La Llorona

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Ray John de Aragón
Wil Tabares
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Title Synopsis: The folklore of Spanish America is full of exciting accounts of a wandering, shrieking, tormented spirit called La Llorona, the “Wailing Woman”. This is the first serious account of the frightening tale that has fascinated people for generations. The renowned author took the threads of various versions of La Llorona and produced this best-selling award-winning book of the world famous ghost in 1980.

Author Bio: Ray John de Aragón has a Masters in American studies and has been a keynote speaker at public and historical conferences. He is the recipient of numerous awards and is the author of Padre Martinez and Bishop Lamy, The Penitentes of New Mexico, Recollections of the Life of the Priest Don Antonio Jose Martinez, Enchanted Legends and Lore of New Mexico, New Mexico Book of the Undead, Haunted Santa Fe, and Eerie New Mexico. He is a writer who uses careful research and stories to bring life to New Mexico’s deep and wide history, whether he is delving into fiction, writing nonfiction, or creating a melding of the two. De Aragón broadens the horizon of his prose in every book he writes. He is prolific and dedicated, taking storytelling to the highest imaginable level. History is the story of a people, a region, an event.

Author: Ray John de Aragón

Narrator: Wil Tabares

Copyright: 2020 Tabares Media Enterprises

Running Time: 02:18:59

ISBN: 9781959162346

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