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Saved by Hope

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Jenny Lowe
Jenny Lowe
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Title Synopsis:

Saved By Hope by Jenny Lowe is a gripping memoir about one woman’s painful path to motherhood. Born and raised in Utah, Jenny Lowe got married at the age of nineteen. The marriage ended in divorce, and at thirty years old, she married again. Emotionally and financially ready to start a family and with her biological clock ticking, the couple decides to have a child. After months of trying without success, they seek the help of fertility specialists. What follows is a series of unsuccessful attempts to conceive and the discovery that she has ovarian cancer. This book lets the reader accompany her on her emotional journey. Beginning with Chapter 4, QR codes are provided that will direct readers to photos and videos of the topics discussed to tell a story of hope and courage that will surely touch your heart. Jenny Lowe’s Saved By Hope is a must-read for couples struggling to get pregnant. The author laments the fact that there is a stigma surrounding infertility, so much so that it’s not a topic discussed openly. This book does a great job of creating a compassionate guide to overcoming the humiliation of infertility. With profound honesty, she relates the fear, pain, grief, and hope that springs to life, only to be taken away a few days later. The writing style is casual and informative, with visuals to make the experience more intense. The book opens with Emily Dickinson’s “hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul,” setting the tone for this well-written and perceptive memoir that should provide comfort to those who need it the most. Highly recommended!

Author Bio:

Jenny Lowe currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah. She graduated from Utah State University with an MBA in 2011 and works in the healthcare industry. Her passions include travel, food and wine, corgis, singing, reality tv, and above all things, spending time with friends and family. ‘Saved By Hope’ is Jenny’s first published work.

Author: Jenny Lowe

Narrator: Jenny Lowe

Copyright: 2022 Muse Literary

Running Time: 06:27:22

ISBN: 9781953598868


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