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Radical Relevance

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Bill Cates
Bill Cates
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Radical Relevance will help you cut through the daily barrage of message overload your prospects experience, to reach the right people at the right time with the right message. You will learn principles, strategies, and tangible tactics to help you:· Craft an irresistible marketing message that attracts the attention of your ideal clients. · Create a Unique Selling Proposition that makes you look different and separates you from your competition. · Brand your business through the problems you solve and the opportunities you create. · Create and deliver an Elevator Pitch that is authentic and compelling. · Reach more high-level prospects who need your value. · Persuade and move prospects to action so they follow your recommendations. · Build a more profitable, fulfilling, and enjoyable business. Radical Relevance is filled with value proposition examples and unique branding case studies. Radical Relevance is your road map to growing your business in a crowded and noisy marketplace. Radical Relevance is about finding the bullseye for your business. You start with a relentless passion for truly knowing your clients—for identifying and solving their critical challenges and maximizing their opportunities. You narrow your focus to define a clear and profitable target market. Then, you zero-in to identify your Right-Fit Clients™. Continually tightening up your focus allows you to sharpen your marketing message—to cut through all the noise in the marketplace and resonate with your prospects—to capture their attention and compel them to take action. Radical Relevance is about solving the right problems, with the right product or service, for the right people, with the right message, through the right medium, at just the right time. Radical Relevance is not a theory. It's your path to exponential growth. Your radically relevant message will be irresistible to just the right prospects, compelling them to follow your recommendations, while simultaneously repelling those prospects who aren't a perfect fit for your business. It's time to take a stand with your value! It's time to get Radically Relevant! Be relevant or be ignored, be compelling or be forgotten


Author: Bill Cates

Narrator: Bill Cates

Publisher: ListenUp Production LLC

ISBN Number: 9781888970043

Total Runtime: 4:42:14

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