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Pickett's Charge

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Charles McNair
Jeremy Arthur
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A comedy, a tragedy. Threadgill Pickett, veteran of the Civil War, breaks out from an Alabama old folks home and starts a quest northward to kill the last living Union Soldier. This is to avenge his brother, who was needlessly killed by Union soldiers, outside of any conflict. On his journey Threadgill encounters two brothers building a time machine, a trio of Klu Kluxers, a man collecting raccoons that turn out to be rabid, a wannabe country singer, and a truck-driving woman to make men stand in awe. He also encounters a Utopian society of blacks and whites who share family, food, love, and grief.


Author: Charles McNair

Narrator: Jeremy Arthur

Publisher: ListenUp Production LLC

ISBN Number: 9781942248262

Total Runtime: 12:39:44

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