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Like a Champagne Cognac

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Maria Leventi
John Karamfilis
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Title Synopsis:
The first crime novel of self-discovery!

Whatever you prefer, whatever you choose, I want you to remember: "By taste you choose, but by smell you are chosen." June 2020. Thessaloniki. At the outbreak of the great pandemic...

Martha, the girl with curly hair, will experience unexpected events that will change her life in unexpected ways once and for all!

12 key people. A murder? A big secret. An unspoken love.

It's enough to transform her in the space of 7 days, from "humble chamomile" to the most precious ""champagne brandy"".

 "Like a Champagne Cognac" is a detective novel of self-discovery - just like life itself. All the characters in the book, as well as the smells and tastes that surround them, are based on Carl Jung's archetypes and symbolize the basic human motivations, values and personalities that humans share as a species.

"A wonderful journey, written by a woman, with all women in mind!"

Author Bio:

Maria Leventi was born in 1970 in the historic city of Elefsina. She studied at the Medical School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and received her specialization in psychiatry from the 2nd University Clinic. During her residency she was trained in psychopharmacology and 13 different types of psychotherapy. She is the first female psychiatrist to attend the postgraduate course in art therapy at KTPS. By studying art history, researching and traveling to 29 countries around the world, she was able to deepen her understanding of global archetypal symbols in order to understand human behavior. Her method of global perception and Creative Psychotherapy programs are the culmination of her knowledge and experience. She has published two self-improvement books. You didn't know. (2018). Like Champagne Coniac (2022) is her first self-discovery crime novel. Inspired by true stories of her therapists, the book's goal is for the reader to identify with a character and find the much-needed answers to their big WHYs.

Author: Maria Leventi

Narrator: John Karamfilis

Publisher: Auvril Audiobooks

Running Time: 09:10:47

ISBN: 9786188525283

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