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Irvin D. Yalom - On Psychotherapy and the Human Condition

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Ruthellen Josselson, Ph.D.
Brittany Wilkerson
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Title Synopsis:

Irvin Yalom is one of the best known, most widely read and Through his many books, which are accessible to ordinary readers as well as illuminating for psychotherapists, he has provided a guide for living in a perplexing world. A recent poll of American psychotherapists voted him to be one of the three most important living therapists, but the worldwide success of his books suggests that his prominence is international.

Rather than positioning himself as a representative of one of the hundreds of "schools" or approaches to psychotherapy. Yalom offers a message that goes to the heart of psychotherapy. Taking up the central existential concerns of human life, Yaloms work engages the problems of finding meaning in life and confronting death, concerns that had lain beyond the scope of psychiatry.

Writing in a literary style that reviewers have compared to Freud, Yalom details what actually happens in the intimate human encounter that is psychotherapy. Yalom does not shrink from exposing his own thoughts and feelings about what occurs; he, too is a vulnerable and searching human being. He makes his thinking about his patients, and his efforts to treat them, transparent, exposing his doubts, reservations and struggles as well as his insights.

He has written two textbook, two volumes of case history stories, three novels about therapy, a guide for therapists and one book of counsel for the masses confronting death. Across all of this work, he explores the limitless and complex possibilities of the healing inherent in genuine human connection and authentic awareness of the dilemmas of human existence.

Irvin D. Yalom: On Psychotherapy and the Human Condition traces the genesis and evolution of his thinking and presents some of the seminal ideas of his writings.

Author Bio:

Dr. Ruthellen Josselson, Ph.D. is Professor of clinical psychology at The Fielding Graduate University and a psychotherapist in practice. She was formerly a Professor at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Harvard University and a Visiting Fellow at Cambridge University. Her research focuses on womens identity and on human relationships. She received the Henry A. Murray Award, the Theodore R. Sarbin Award and the Distinguished Contributions to Qualitative Research Award from the American Psychological Association as well as a Fulbright Fellowship. She has been active in group relations work for many years, consults to organizations, and lectures and conducts workshops both nationally and internationally. She is co-director of the Irvin D. Yalom Institute of Psychotherapy. On her approach to therapy: “I work from a psychodynamic and an existential psychotherapy perspective. I think of psychotherapy as a project that two people undertake together to try to better understand the problems of living in order to make changes that serve growth and personal fulfillment. I work primarily with conflicts concerning relationships, work and identity, and these often underlie symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Author: Ruthellen Josselson, Ph.D.

Narrator: Brittany Wilkerson

Publisher: Jorge Pinto Books Inc.

Running Time: 03:34:38

ISBN: 9781959162872

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