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I Wish I'd Known: 10 Ways to Break Ancestral Patterns, Free Yourself from the Past, and Manifest Your Dreams

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Sarah Vie
Sarah Vie
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Title Synopsis:

In this groundbreaking new book, I Wish I’d Known, author Sarah Vie uses wisdom from her own lived experience to guide readers through a transformational journey. Each chapter begins with a story from Sarah’s life about how she was able to release the traumas of her past to manifest a life of peace, joy and abundance. After each inspiring story, Sarah’s readers are empowered with new tools to break the cycle of their own ancestral patterning, so that they can attract the abundant life they both desire and deserve. Readers will leave this book clear in their purpose, confident in their ability to manifest wealth, love, and happiness and inspired to know that they can do the work too.

Author Bio:

For the past 10 years, Sarah Vie has been transforming women's lives- including her own. Sarah is a Master at helping amplify financial abundance, career success, love in relationships and health and wellness. She is an internationally sought out energy healer, meditation guide and manifesting mentor, helping women and men live abundant, happy, and peaceful lives.

She has been featured on by ABC, NBC, CBS affiliates. Her articles have been published in Huffington Post, Modern Mom magazine and Thrive Global. Her beloved and best selling first book, Let Your Inner Golden Sparkle Shine, is still guiding children to look within themselves for the answers that they seek.

Author: Sarah Vie

Narrator: Sarah Vie

Copyright: 2022 Muse Literary

Running Time: 03:55:09

ISBN: 9781958714294

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