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Chinese Idiom Stories

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Gang Sun
Gang Sun
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Title Synopsis:


The Chinese traditional cultural classics dedicated to children! String up the wonderful details of life and tell the story of the idioms! This book not only embodies knowledge, but also emphasizes audibility, fast-paced and interesting. Using fashionable techniques to express traditional civilization and using storytelling techniques to interpret idiom stories is the biggest innovation of this set of "Comments on Idioms". This set of products has a total of 30 lectures, each with an average of 18 minutes for each idiom. The speaker, Sun Gang, knows the past and the present, quotes from the classics, and his language is vivid, funny, and humorous; he interprets the ins and outs of each idiom vividly and interestingly. It is the best gift for children and a good assistant in learning Chinese.

Author Bio:

孙刚,辽宁广播电视台经济频道节目主持人、沈阳广播电视台新闻广播节目主播、评书演员。主持广播节目《正午刚刚乐》(沈阳广播电视台新闻广播);主持电视节目《直播生活·孙刚说剧》(辽宁广播电视台经济频道)。学习评书表演,师从著名评书表演艺术家单田芳。曾主持沈阳文艺广播《开心无极限》节目,沈阳电视台公共社会频道《孙刚说事》节目。 Sun Gang is a host of Liaoning Radio and Television Station's business channel, anchor of Shenyang Radio and Television Station's news radio program, and storyteller. He hosts the radio program Noon Just Fun on Shenyang Radio and Television Station's news radio channel, and the TV program Live Life: Sun Gang Telling Stories on Liaoning Radio and Television Station's business channel. He learned storytelling performance under famous storytelling artist Shan Tianfang. Sun Gang previously hosted the Shenyang Literary Radio program Happy Without Limits and Shenyang TV's public channel program Sun Gang Telling Stories.

Title: 成语故事 Chinese Idiom Stories

Author: 孙刚 Gang Sun

Narrator: 孙刚 Gang Sun

Publisher: 中文在线集团 COL Group

Running Time: 9.12 hr

ISBN: 9781962317030

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