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The Pale Fountains of Phocion Negri

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Steven Tsitsopoulos
Christos Dais
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Title Synopsis:
A satisfying narrative - a tribute to the most noir and rock 'n' roll pedestrian street in Athens.

A voluptuous mural of an era from the 1960s to the present day, with characters both real and fictional. A novel that recalls, recreates and glorifies the epic street of Fokionos Negri and the famous statue of the Dog - how could Judy Garland, the Ramones, the poet Miltos Shachtouris, Gustavus Flaubert, George Lanthimos and the Weeping Lady of the fountain at the corner of Fokionos and Eptanissos be connected to it?

An enigmatic Thessaloniki man looking for something in Foca Negra, his psychiatrist lover, the ghost of stripper Rita Kandilak and two mysterious melancholic ladies with light blue hair will unexpectedly travel through time to settle every unpaid bill of joy, mourning, loneliness and waiting for true love and forgiveness. Against the backdrop of Café Select, the bar Av Revoir and the legendary club Quinta, their lives will be swept away by the waters that, they say, still run rampant beneath the boardwalk.

Author Bio:

Steven Tsitsopoulos is a journalist, member of the Union of Journalists of the Magazine and Electronic Press. He is the director of the national monthly magazine "SOUL", the Thessaloniki correspondent of the newspaper "Athens Voice", the largest Greek free press and radio producer at Imagine 89,7. He was born in Alexandroupolis in 1964. He studied law in Thessaloniki and communication in London. He was a member of the editorial team of the magazines "KLIK" and "MEN", director of the magazine "Elections" of "Makedonia tis Kyriaki", as well as of the monthly national magazine "COOL". He directed the radio station "Republic" 100,3, and was a radio producer on 88ismo, ANT1 97,5 and Palmos 96,5. He was a member of the television team of the "AMAN" programme (Mega) and co-host of the programme "Bad words from M for Media" (ET3).

Author: Steven Tsitsopoulos

Narrator: Christos Dais

Publisher: Auvril Audiobooks

Running Time: 09:09:53

ISBN: 9789604368891

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