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The Missing Links: Launching A High Performing Company Culture

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Phillip Meade Ph.D., Laura Gallaher Ph.D.
Phillip Meade Ph.D., Laura Gallaher Ph.D.
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In 2003, the Columbia Space Shuttle exploded on re-entry, resulting in the loss of life for all seven astronauts, and leaving NASA with a huge problem. But this problem wasn’t easily identified—the investigation revealed that the organizational culture was as much to blame for the explosion as technical difficulties. Enter Drs. Phillip Meade and Laura Gallaher—experts in the psychology of organizational culture and the owners of Gallaher Edge. Drs. Gallaher and Meade apply their vast expertise to map out “The Missing Links” between human nature and organizational culture. Readers will discover how their work at the Kennedy Space Center helped create their model and how it has been applied to numerous organizations across industries. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to apply this model to your organization to create a culture of accountability, inclusivity, and productivity. Understand The Missing Links and connect inherent human drivers to organizational traits that make up an effective culture: Go behind the scenes to see how NASA assessed organizational culture after Columbia. Learn the core concepts from psychology, anthropology, and management that shaped Drs. Meade and Gallaher’s “Inside Out” philosophy. Go strand by strand on our DNA sequence, exploring the drivers hardwired into our genetic code and how they can improve organizational culture. Hear the call for leaders to set, assess, and intentionally improve their organization’s culture, knowing leadership’s true influence on employees, colleagues, and partners. Access additional resources to unpack these ideas and apply them to your team. “The Missing Links” theory provides insight into what makes us human—so much so that you may wonder why you haven’t been referencing this concept all along! Listen to The Missing Links today for the thought-provoking, actionable information necessary to launch a high-performing company culture.

Author Bio:

Dr. Phillip Meade is an industrial engineer, strategy expert, professional speaker, and USA Today best-selling author. Dr. Laura Gallaher is an organizational psychologist, professional speaker, leadership coach, and USA Today best-selling author. Together, they created a recovery plan to return to flight and drive organizational change in the aftermath of the fatal Columbia disaster. They are the joint founders of Gallaher Edge, a consulting company for leaders. Visit Drs. Meade and Gallaher online at


“This book by the dynamic duo that led NASA’s culture transformation is a hands-on guide to building and evolving values, norms and routines. If you’re trying to make your team or your organization more effective, innovative, or reliable, there’s something to learn in these pages.” 

Review Source:

Adam Grant, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Think Again and host of the TED podcast WorkLife.

Author: Phillip Meade Ph.D., Laura Gallaher Ph.D. 

Narrators: Phillip Meade Ph.D., Laura Gallaher Ph.D.

Publishers: Leaders Press

Running Time: 7:32:59

ISBN: 9781953598509

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