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Inspiration - Your Ultimate Calling

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Wayne W. Dyer
George Ioannou
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Title Synopsis:

If you often wonder: Why am I here and what is my destination?

If you want to feel the fullness that comes from the Source of everything. . .

If you want to discover hidden strengths, potentials and talents. . . If you want to live in a new and wonderful world. . .

All you have to do is allow Inspiration to be your guide.

This sensational audiobook shows you the way.

Author Bio:

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer is a psychologist-psychotherapist and author of the widely read books "Your Areas of Error" and "Pulling Your Own Strings", landmark books in the field of psychology. Pursuing his own interests and enjoying his work in the media, Dyer has long been a celebrity, both on television and in the daily and magazine press. Until recently he taught at New York University's Saint-John Graduate School, and continues to lecture and conduct seminars at universities and other educational institutions.

Author: Wayne W. Dyer
Narrator: George Ioannou

Publisher: Auvril Audiobooks

Running Time: 9:30:34
ISBN: 9786185579241

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