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Change your DNA, Change your life!

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Robert V. Gerard
Fotini Vavitsa
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Title Synopsis:

"It is scientifically proven that thought, imagination, emotion and intention operate at the cellular level, affecting our DNA itself and therefore our lives.

Through the techniques and exercises listed in this book, this process can be done consciously and purposefully. DNA activation restores the two-way communication between mind and body, acting as a unique tool for personal empowerment and growth.

Allow the Power of Intention to reach the furthest limits of the potential of TORPA through DNA ENEPTIONS"

Author Bio:

Dr. Robert V. Gerard began his professional career as a civil engineer but quickly developed an interest in the humanities. He studied Social Psychology, pursued postgraduate studies in Organizational Psychology (Business Management Psychology), and completed his doctoral studies in the field of Metaphysical Psychology. Over his 45-year career, Dr. Gerard has been involved in various fields including mechanical engineering, banking, education, alternative therapies, and publishing. He has worked for major companies, chaired international conferences, and led educational programs in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

In 1991, Dr. Gerard established a publishing company, and in 1995, he became the founder and CEO of Oughten House Foundation Inc., a globally recognized educational and publishing company focused on self-empowerment. He resides in Binghamton, New York, where he maintains a private consulting office and delivers lectures and organizes educational workshops worldwide. He has written two novels, "Lady from Atlantis" and "The Corporate Mule," as well as five psychology/self-help books: "Handling Verbal Confrontation," "Time: Man's Cosmic Locator," "DNA Healing Techniques," "Change your DNA-Change Your Life!," and "Divine Quick-Fix Healings." His works are internationally published in French, Portuguese, Croatian, Dutch, Russian, Spanish, Bulgarian, Turkish, Japanese, and Greek.

Dr. Gerard has published numerous articles, which can be found on the website

Author: Robert V. Gerard

Narrator: Fotini Vavitsa

Running Time: 4:09:42

ISBN: 9786185579234

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