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Trust Your Intuition: A Guide to Living Your Authentic Life

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Robin Pollak
Robin Pollak
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Title Synopsis:

There are people who enjoy learning by analyzing numbers and memorizing information from  books. I was never that kind of learner. Although these skills can help create the basis of what we understand, it does not allow  you to integrate what you have learned with what you know. To gain wisdom you need to join what you learned with your inner wisdom. I am suggesting that real wisdom comes when we couple what we have learned from books and the lectures with wisdom from our own intuition. I learn best when information is available to me and I can integrate it with my own life experience and it has meaning. This book is filled with stories and anecdotes from my life and also channeled messages that I receive. When I went on the journey to discover my intuition it was really about giving myself permission to reveal what was already there. This book is not intended for you to do anything but merely consider the gifts that you already have right now at this very moment. Magic real magic lies within the trust that you have who you are and believe in your own self worth. Because when we open up the door to understanding the abundance of that, we are opening up the door to our destiny and why we are here. I used to think that the answers were in other people's opinions how they evaluated me  but, the truth is a judgment only stifles your imagination. And imagination is fed by our intuition. This book is like a permission slip for you to shift your perspective and consider yours.

Author Bio:

Robin was born in the Bronx and has lived in New York City her whole life and relishes the proximity to great shows, food, and beaches. After a rewarding career as a speech pathologist working with children Robin felt compelled to shift her entire life and share her intuitive gifts. She has since helped thousands of men and women around the world discover their soul purpose, activate their intuition and fulfill their highest potential. She has appeared on many programs and is the host of Intuitive Tastings podcast. Robin lives in New York with her husband, 2 kids, their cats and dogs. You can find out more about Robin and her work at

Author: Robin Pollak

Narrator: Robin Pollak

Copyright: 2022 Muse Literary

Running Time: 7:13:21

ISBN: 9781953598950

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