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Disrupted!: How to Reset Your Brand & Your Career

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Sally Williamson, Hurst Williamson
Sally Williamson, Hurst Williamson
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Disruption happens every day across the corporate world. As employees, we experience reorgs, layoffs and acquisitions, and as disrupters ourselves we move cross country, chase ideas and challenge norms. But amidst all the disruption, some of us seem to thrive in times of turmoil. These are the communicators who have mastered the two skills hidden within corporate disruption: learning how to establish a compelling brand and building an intriguing career narrative. These skills are leading factors between those who are stalled by disruption and those who accelerate through it. Disrupted! shares the perspective of talent leaders who are balancing the fast-paced expectations of companies against the skills of employees. And as the research of LaKesha Edwards uncovers, it means that employees will have to reset their career and own their own professional development. That’s where SW&A closes the gap as Sally and Hurst Williamson introduce the tools needed to help anyone reset their career and build their own career narrative.


Author: Sally Williamson, Hurst Williamson

Narrator: Sally Williamson, Hurst Williamson

Publisher: ListenUp Production LLC

ISBN Number: 9781953598240

Total Runtime: 06:48:28

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