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Fire and Wolves: A Tale of Etria

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Elizabeth R. Jensen
Hallie Ricardo
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Title Synopsis:

Ten-year-old Sabine Wolfensberger was thrilled to attend Onaxx Academy for Mages. Then, the bullying began. Shapeshifting is a rare gift, and Sabine longs to spend her time at the magical academy learning how to focus her new ability in hopes of taking the form of a horse. Instead, she finds herself singled out and tormented by a cruel classmate. With the support of her family behind her and the help of new friends, she must be brave enough to ask for help to make the bullying stop.  Can she find the courage to speak up and advocate for herself? Or will this magical time be ruined by a classmate’s cruel nature? 

Author Bio:

Elizabeth R. Jensen is an award-winning self-published author in Juvenile Fiction in Atlanta, GA. Elizabeth is a mom of three elementary age boys. She is actively involved in breeding Arabian horses and German Riding Ponies in her free time. Elizabeth has a bachelor’s degree in animal science, a master’s of business administration and a master’s of organizational leadership. In elementary school, Elizabeth was introduced to creative writing in an after-school poetry class for gifted students. Since then, she has continued to write poetry.

Author: Elizabeth R. Jensen

Narrator: Hallie Ricardo

Copyright: 2023 Elizabeth R. Jensen

Running Time: 2:27:38

ISBN: 9798985647457

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