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Waiting for our Souls to Catch Up

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Carol Carol
Carol Perry
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Sister Carol Perry’s Waiting for Our Souls to Catch-up was one of AARP’s Best Books of 2014. Bring your highlighter and your sense of wonder to a comfortable chair and marvel at what you didn't know about Biblical history. A must read for all those seeking a spiritual peace in a high-tech world. But most of all bring your appreciation of Sister Carol Perry's scholarly brilliance in refining prayer, faith, and grace. In our frantic world, we all need time to stop and breathe. But how can we nurture our inner beings when the outer world demands so much? Waiting for Our Souls to Catch Up invites readers to begin a journey of the heart and mind in which a small effort of faith, guided by reason, can yield huge spiritual dividends. From the small rituals that enhance our daily lives to the study of the historical and scriptural legacy shared by the world's great religions, Waiting For Our Souls To Catch Up is an intelligent reader's guide to the wisdom of the ages.


Author: Carol M. Perry, SU

Narrator: Carol M. Perry, SU

Publisher: ListenUp Production LLC

ISBN Number: 9781942248699

Total Runtime: 4:02:04

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