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When Wisdom Arrives - From Imagined Unworthiness to Freedom

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Rosalyn Rourke
Rosalyn Rourke
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Title Synopsis:

If thoughts and feelings were truth, they would be called facts. In the pages of this fable and companion memoir, we learn about truth and the simple way we can transcend the lie of unworthiness. Imagined unworthiness shows up as a tyranny of thoughts and feelings that cause psychological suffering. Eleven-year-old Gem struggles with looping thoughts and feelings of self-hate because of her body weight. She believes she is unworthy of love. A wise woman comes into young Gem’s life and demonstrates that her looping, hurtful, repetitive thoughts are untrue. When Gem moves her attention away from her habitual looping patterns, she finds her true ‘I,’ a deeper part of herself that is free. The true ‘I’ is not tied to thoughts and feelings, or the past or future. It is a presence that is available in each person. Rosalyn Rourke has been all three characters in the fable and all three in the memoir companion: the judgmental mother, the hurt daughter, and the wise woman. Even with a successful, decades-long psychotherapy practice and credentials as an eating disorder expert and trauma specialist, Rosalyn struggled with worry and judgment about her daughter, Melissa’s, weight. The same protocol Gem discovers in the fable helped Rosalyn transcend compulsive worry and judgment about Melissa’s weight and later helped her transmute grief after Melissa’s unexpected death. When Wisdom Arrives in our lives, we discover how imagined unworthiness can transform into the knowledge of what we are in truth.

Author Bio:

When Wisdom Arrives: From Imagined Unworthiness to Freedom is Rosalyn’s first book. It is both a fable and a memoir. Unworthiness is another name for the feeling described as inner shame. Shame has not always been discussed as a psychological phenomenon. Rosalyn was one of the pioneers in the 1980’s teaching shame as a phenomenon different from guilt. She graduated from Smith College School for Social Work in 1973 and has had a successful psychotherapy practice for more than 30 years. Rosalyn is a master Teacher and Coach of a personality system called the Enneagram. Her longtime experience with Non-Duality and A Course in Miracles helped make sense out of the unexpected death of her daughter Melissa at age 39. Rosalyn felt drawn to come out of a happy retirement to share her breakthroughs from suffering, shame and personality constriction to a life of equilibrium and stability. Rosalyn lives with her husband of 50 years in both Marco Island, Florida and Seattle, Washington. When she is not teaching or writing, she enjoys creating abstract art and spending time with her daughter, Ally, grandson, Ryan, and grand dog, Oaklee, a black micro doodle therapy dog.

Author: Rosalyn Rourke / Rourke, Rosalyn

Narrator: Rosalyn Rourke

Publisher: Muse Literary

Running Time: 02:12:07

ISBN: 9781959162759

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  • 5
    Powerful and Nourishing

    Posted by Turbo Rainbow on Jun 5th 2024

    I loved this book. It was broken up into sections...and all were digestible and thought provoking. While the early chapters held court for any listener...what I found most intriguing was the portion of the book that was a memoir. Hearing Rosalyn's story and how she overcame her own challenges really spoke to my own. It offered me some insight into her world and what being a human really looks like to all of us. There was a lot of learning and growth present in this book, and I would recommend it to anyone thirsty for peace and freedom.

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