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Unapologetically Favored - A woman. A leader. A testimony.

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Courtney A. Kittrell
Tracie Frank
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Title Synopsis:

From rejection to personal power

Growing up, rejected by her father and losing members of her family, Courtney believed she had a purpose for her life. That purpose would not come without a price. From her earliest years, she knew she was different sexually. Confused, depressed, and afraid of a world that did not welcome her, Courtney lived through depression, disappointment, racism, and sexuality. 

Building up courage, strength, and trust in others, she fought her way through her pain and failures. She shifted her mind from thoughts of suicide to thoughts of success. Focused on getting her life together and healing the wounds of her past, she began to grow and walk in her purpose. She became Unapologetically Favored. This is her story.

Author Bio:

Courtney A. Kittrell is a native of Greensboro, North Carolina, and an active-duty Master Chief with the United States Navy. Her military experiences have made a mark on her life through personal and leadership struggles. Courtney has deployed onboard USS DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER, USS JOHN F. KENNEDY, USS ENTERPRISE, and USS GEORGE H. W. BUSH. Her journey has taken her to many countries including Spain, Portugal, England, Turkey, Bahrain, Dubai, Israel, Italy, and scores of other places. Before she was a Master Chief in the United States Navy, a published author, a podcast/radio show host, and a mentor to many, Courtney A. Kittrell was no stranger to prejudice, intolerance, and a lack of self-belief. However, she found fulfillment, growth, and success through her personal and career struggles. Kittrell’s motivational guidance in her written works, podcasts, public speaking, and private mentorships hinges on promoting radical self-belief, walking in one’s purpose, and never apologizing for being who you are. Courtney is a leader of many and a friend to all. She has been motivated to be a voice for others who are battling depression, suicidal thoughts, and mental health issues.

Author: Courtney A. Kittrell

Narrator: Tracie Frank

Copyright: 2019 Courtney A. Kittrell

Running Time: 06:03:48

ISBN: 9781959162155

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