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Strategic Jaywalking - The Secret Sauce to Life and Leadership Excellence

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Jay M. McDonald
Brian Troxell, Joanna Daniel
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Strategic Jaywalking is at once a playful, yet sober assessment of how we might live and lead better by judiciously keeping our devices and policies on a leash and exercising a little more conscious thought and decision-making responsibility in our work and lives. It relies on something that nearly all of us were taught at a young age - how to safely cross a street, and yet, by idiot-proofing the experience via rules and technology (think painted crosswalks, beeping timers, and flashing red hands,) we have in many respects made the process both slower and more dangerous. In too many ways, and for too long, we have done the same by allowing leadership to morph into ‘supervising’ because, well, it’s simpler and not as messy. Jay is of the mind that you ‘supervise’ young children, with a goal of willful compliance. Adults, on the other hand, engage much better via the influence of competent and capable leadership that lets them think for themselves.

Author Bio:

In five-plus decades of life and work history, Jay McDonald has experienced the business end of a shovel, paper cuts from working in a mail room, burdens and benefits of the corner office, and points in between, in multiple venues. Many people reach a station in life where, having seen and done it all (in their eyes), the phrase, “good enough” becomes a staple of their lexicon… Not Jay McDonald. He’s like an adult-sized toddler who’s happiest when learning and doing new things, refining existing knowledge, and passing those lessons along to others, be they a grandchild, budding young artist, or executive client who’s paying handsomely for advice. Jay’s proud of the claim that he has no intention whatsoever of “growing up.” He’s just getting started. You may want to join him.


Author: Jay M. McDonald

Narrators: Brian Troxell, Joanna Daniel

Publishers: Middleton McDonald Group, Inc.

Running Time: 8:21:04

ISBN: 9780578315690

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