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Twentyone Olive Trees: A Mother's Walk through the Grief of Suicide to Hope and Healing

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Laura Formentini
Courtney Patterson
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Twentyone Olive Trees: A Mother’s Walk through the Grief of Suicide to Hope and Healing is the author’s personal journey of transformation following her son Blaise’s suicide. The book traces her path from grief to understanding and healing, shown through a collection of twenty-one fables and poems she wrote to Blaise in the year after his untimely death. This book explores Laura’s message that it is in your power to overcome personal difficulties no matter what, by creating something beautiful in the wake of whatever has befallen you–– death, divorce, disease, destruction from natural and man-made disasters, or other upheavals. The terrible times you suffer are not the end of life but can become a new beginning. It is Laura’s hope that these stories will act as a balm for those going through their grief and dark moments, encourage them to embrace their new beginnings, as well as inspire empaths and highly sensitive people to bring about the changes that our society is so strongly in need of.

Author Bio:

Laura Formentini is an author, nonprofit photographer, and philanthropist. While working as an advocate to encourage people to travel, see more of the world, and catalyze positive global change, she became a child welfare activist and a supporter for the prevention of cruelty to animals. Her philanthropic work spans the globe, touching lives in Puerto Rico, Kenya, Malawi, Italy, and numerous countries in Asia. Over the years, Laura has sponsored more than forty children through Plan International, an organization that advocates for children’s rights and equality for girls. She is currently partnering with them to write a book revealing untold stories about the positive impacts of child sponsorship. Laura is also writing “Coming Home,” a memoir about her time in Africa, and finding creative ways to travel safely as she continues to spread the message that practicing “Love in Action” not only brings healing to our personal lives, but holds the key to healing the world. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Archaeology and Art History from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, and has worked as an archaeologist in numerous European countries. For more about Laura, please visit



"Laura Formentini has written a lovely book of life lessons through stories, poems, and vignettes of insight and wisdom and revelation. The ultimate result is reinventing life through conscious awareness of life's daily miracles of healing, transformation and liberation. I highly recommend it."

Review Source:

Deepak Chopra

Author: Laura Formentini

Narrators: Courtney Patterson

Publishers: Kat Biggie Press

Running Time: 5:02:44

ISBN: 9781736521526

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