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The Science of Getting Rich

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Wattles D. Wallace
Christos Dais
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Title Synopsis:
"Everything you need to know to fulfill your every creative desire is in this book!

Get rid of your guilt about happiness, clearly define your goals, and realize them by harnessing the infallible energy laws of the Science of Abundance.

Apply it today!"

Author Bio:

The pioneering author Wallace D. Wattles was born in 1860 in the United States, shortly before the outbreak of the American Civil War, and there is minimal information about his life. It seems that he initially experienced many failures in life, which prompted him to study various philosophies and belief systems. Among others, he was significantly influenced by Descartes, Emerson, Hegel, Leibniz, Spinoza, as well as the theosophical theories of his time. The result of his exploration was the formation of his own system of prosperity, on which he began to experiment, witnessing a radical transformation of his life for the better. The culmination of his research and experiences is documented in 

his most famous book, "The Science of Getting Rich" (1910), while his other works include "Health Through New Thought and Fasting," "The Science of Being Great," and "The Science of Being Well." His ideas have been a source of inspiration for many subsequent authors and spiritual teachers, and continue to help thousands of people live a more fulfilling life through the technique of creative visualization.

Author: Wattles D. Wallace

Narrator: Christos Dais

Running Time: 5:20:08

ISBN: 9786185579128

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