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The Magus of Strovolos: The Extraordinary World Of A Spiritual Healer

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Kyriacos Markides
John Greenman
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Title Synopsis:
Ever since his childhood, Kyriacos C. Markides has heard mysterious rumors concerning the Magus of Strovolos, Cyprus’s “specialist of the netherworld.”

When he returns to Cyprus as an adult, Markides seeks out this master healer and spiritual teacher, to discover the old man for himself. Armed with the skepticism he learned as a sociologist, combined with his passion to explore the inner world and beliefs of this strange Magus, Markides soon learns to appreciate the power and wisdom of this peaceful and humorous soul.

From his exorcism of a Jewish girl haunted by Nazi ghosts to his theory of reincarnation, the Magus reveals to Markides the extraordinary secrets of his philosophy, challenging Western materialism and science, and pointing towards vast domains we normally cannot see.

In writing The Magus of Strovolos, Markides seeks to bring the master healer’s teachings to the world. By reading it, we too undertake his spiritual journey.

Author Bio:
Kyriacos C. Markides, a native of Cyprus, is Professor of Sociology at the University Maine.  He is married to Emily J. Markides from Famagusta, Cyprus.  They have two children, Constantine and Vasia.  He has also written: Homage to the Sun, a sequel to The Magus of Strovolos, Fire in the Heart, Riding with the Lion, Inner River, Gifts of the Desert, The Mountain of Silence, and The Accidental Tourist.

Author: Kyriacos Markides

Narrator: John Greenman

Copyright: 2023 Portable Treasures Audiobooks

Running Time: 10:38:33

ISBN: 9781959162100

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