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The Love Compass: A Girl’s Guide to Finding Authentic Love

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Stefani Seek
Stefani Seek
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Title Synopsis:  The Love Compass was born from a desire to help young women navigate dating and relationship challenges to find real, authentic love. The author, Stefani Seek, experienced two marriages and two divorces in just two decades, and knew there was a higher purpose in the heartbreak. Her college-age daughter and her friends frequently asked Stefani for "man advice". One of her daughter's friends told Stefani that she should write a book to help women learn how to handle challenging and emotional situations with the guys they were dating. The Love Compass shares some of Stefani's own intimate relationship stories to help illuminate real-world situations for the reader. While the stories are based upon male-female relationships, the advice and journaling exercises in the book are applicable for all sexual orientations. By the end of the book, readers will be able to identify what they value in a romantic partnership, understand and articulate boundaries, have scripts in hand for talking through difficult situations with their partners, and develop a "compass" to identify their true North . . . which is self-love first, above all things. While not every story in the book is relevant for every reader, every person who reads this book will identify a few new ideas to incorporate into their dating world and how they can meet themselves happily within or without a relationship. Women going through divorce or separation may also find this book helpful as it can serve as a reset and inspiration for a brighter future ahead. The Love Compass will help you remember your heart's calling in a relationship with memorable stories and easy-to-fill-in exercises that can serve as an ongoing journal and resource guide.

Author Bio:  Stefani Seek is a certified life and executive coach, corporate sales and marketing leader, speaker, girlfriend and mom to three daughters who combines her extensive experience with authentic relationship-creation in the business world and the evolution of her romantic relationships to inspire women to find and communicate their true voice and desires.  Stefani resides in St. Louis, Missouri, and enjoys cheering on her rock star boyfriend, playing with her rescue dog, and traveling the world.

Author: Stefani Seek

Narrator: Stefani Seek

Copyright: 2022 by Stefani Seek

Running Time: 4:15:39

ISBN: 9781953598943

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