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The Enchanted Snowman

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Mason Ewing
Amy Korzenowski
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Title Synopsis:

Rose, 5 years old, lives in Jonathanland with her parents and her big brother Taylor. It's Christmas and Rose spends a lot of time looking out the window at the magical sight of falling snow. In the house, the fireplace crackles and the flames dance like shadows on the walls, flooding them with mysterious lights. In her daydreams and thoughts, Rose will see a strange white shape approaching her house... That's how Rose will meet the snowman that she had made with her big brother the day before and that they named Mr. Me. And now Mr. Me was coming towards the window and was about to place the carrot, used as his nose, on the window panes. This is the beginning of a wonderful adventure that will lead Rose, thanks to Mister Me, to become Ferdinand’s friend, a very ill small French boy, who moved in a house across the street from her.

Author Bio:

Mason Ewing:

Mason Ewing is an American-Cameroonian author of the Jewish faith, born April 9, 1982 in Doula, Cameroon. After publishing his autobiography in 2019, he has written several series of books for children and teenagers. His books' themes mainly center on childhood, family and, above all, friendship.

Author: Mason Ewing

Narrator: Amy Korzenowski

Copyright: Ewing Publication

Running Time: 00:17:19

ISBN: 9782490821624

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