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The Bitchographies: Random Commentaries About Life, Love and Knock-off Christian Louboutins

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Vivienne Vuitton
Sasha Dunbrooke
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Take a step into the world of Vivienne Vuitton. She, along with her friends and acquaintances-all newly single-have a lot to say these days. Tired of following life's ever so complicated script of relationships dos and don'ts, corporate etiquette, and everything in between, Vivienne bares it all in relatable and hilariously unfiltered vignettes. Nothing is off-limits, from dating disasters, divorces, botched Botox, calculating colleagues, terrible bosses, fake friends, and so much more! Please make no mistake-this book isn't intended to change the world or win a Pulitzer. Hell, it isn't even politically correct! So, buckle up for a sassy journey into petty indifferences and quirky insights. The Bitchographies is a reminder that it's alright to vent and even bitch on occasion, use your outside voice, be the most fabulous YOU that you can be, and unapologetically live your label.

Author Bio:

Vivienne Vuitton’s a forty-something fashionista and divorcee, who, along with her friends and acquaintances, seems to make some tragically terrible decisions. She’s the queen of one-liners, authentic, real, and raw. She struggles to endure the corporate quagmire of the old boys’ club, and often feels like one hell of a hot mess. Join her on her ad-lib adventures as she tries to navigate life’s far too complicated and ever-changing script.  Along the way, she unabashedly expresses her opinions on dating debacles, hashtags and social media, plastic perfection, milkshake girls, boardroom bullies, bridezillas and much more. Tired of being politically incorrect, she’s out to remind her readers that it’s okay to use their outside voices, colour outside the lines, and live their label!


"Vuitton cultivates a refreshingly original voice as she navigates the murky waters of career, family, relationships, and the 'inability of people to grasp the painfully obvious.'"

Review Source:

Midwest Book Review 


Author: Vivienne Vuitton

Narrators: Sasha Dunbrooke

Publishers: Dartfrog Books LLC

Copyright: 2021 Vivienne Vuitton

Audiobook Release Date: 9/3/2021

Original Release Date: 9/14/2021

Running Time: 5:30:28

ISBN: 9781953598455

ISBN: 978-1-953598-45-5

BISAC: BIO026000: Biography & Autobiography / Personal Memoirs


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