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Mourning for the Fallen Soldiers

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MeiSen Zhou
Hanbang Ji
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Title Synopsis:


This series is a collection of mainly novellas and a select few shorts, written by a hand-picked mix of Chinese and other international writers; it artistically reincarnates the 60 year old gruesome battle of Japan’s invasion of Communist Party led China, dissecting this culturally important event from all levels and angles. These stories also serve to expose atrocities of the fascist war, reminding humanity of fascist brutality, condemning the disaster that is war and its irreversible damage to not only the Chinese people, but to all its victims. Justice will always prevail. 60 years have passed since this dark chapter in human history, and now peace, development, and humanitarianism have become the priorities of our zeitgeist. What but history could be the best guidance for future development, world peace, and building a more equitable foundation for international politics and economics? This is the will of the People’s Literature Publisher, and the sole reason we are so driven to publish this series.

Author Bio:


Zhou Meisen, born on March 9, 1956 in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, is a writer and screenwriter from mainland China. He is a member of the Presidium of the 10th National Committee of the China Writers Association and Vice President of the Jiangsu Writers Association. In 1978, Zhou published his debut work "New Words About Family" in Xinhua Daily's supplement Xin Chao. In 2006, with 3.75 million yuan in annual royalties, he ranked #17 on the first "List of the Richest Chinese Writers." In 2010, the war drama Family Revenge, for which he was the screenwriter, premiered on Oriental TV. In 2017, he published the novel In the Name of the People. In March, the TV series In the Name of the People, for which he was the screenwriter, aired. For this drama he won the Most Artisan Spirit Screenwriter Award at the 2016-2017 Craftsman Spirit Awards Ceremony, and was nominated for Best Screenwriter at the 23rd Shanghai TV Festival White Magnolia Awards.

Title: 国殇 Mourning For The Fallen Soldiers

Author: 周梅森 Meisen Zhou

Narrator: 纪涵邦 Hanbang Ji

Publisher: 中文在线集团 COL Group

Running Time: 4.97 hr

ISBN: 9781962317115

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