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Make Your Own Job

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Wm. Hovey Smith
James Edward Thomas
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Entrepreneur Wm. Hovey Smith details how to make your own job by providing methods of selecting and developing money making opportunities than can be done anytime, anywhere, at any age. The possibilities include step-by-step methods of raising this month's rent to establishing a lifetime income for you and your family to a late-life business doing work that you love. Particular attention is given to possibilities for those in high school and college, presently in the work force, participating in management, and retirees who need additional income. The author's accomplishments include diversified experiences in retail sales, professional practice, the arts, cooking, international business, and entertainment which have provided him with an unusually broad range of activities which he provides as illustrations on how you can use your own life experiences and added skills to develop paying work that you enjoy doing. He is the author of 18 books, podcast radio programs, thousands of newspaper stories and currently has over 750 YouTube videos on line. This book is unusual in this genre in that it incorporates elements of drama, adventure, and fun. Learn How To: Raise cash fast, Identify your talents, Develop job skills, Make jobs you love, Make yourself a job at work, Operate a one-man company, Leave a legacy for your children, Have a profitable retirement, Use work to live longer.


Author: Wm. Hovey Smith

Narrator: James Edward Thomas

Publisher: ListenUp Production LLC

ISBN Number: 9780916565206

Total Runtime: 5:12:51

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