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Elderberry Wine

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Angela Mason-Drew
Angela Mason-Drew
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ElderBerry Wine celebrates the beauty and majesty of our elders, and the richness they bring by simply being a part of our lives. Join Sora and her grandmother as they explore this bubbly, delightful drink of life and all of the ways in which our elders contribute to its sweetness.  


Author Bio:

Angela Mason-Drew is a mother, dancer, poet, spoken word performer and self-proclaimed linguistic artist who has loved the rhythm and sounds of words for as long as she can remember. Born in Berkeley, CA, she began writing at age 8 and has always understood that words have the power to soothe, stir, or solidify connection. Her lifelong love affair with storytelling began in the sandbox of her childhood playground and she has played with the magic of words ever since.  Angela is a graduate of Holy Names University in Oakland, CA, where she graduated magna cum laude. She is a proud Bay Area native and shares stories from her current home in the Central Valley. To learn more about Angela and her word artistry, visit her on Instagram @she_spits_fire Facebook @Angela Drew (Angela Mason) and online at

Author: Angela Mason-Drew

Narrators: Angela Mason-Drew

Publishers: Linguistic Artistry

ISBN: 9781737264880

Running Time: 0:06:59

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