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Blood Memory Society

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D.A. Field
Nicholas Tecosky
Blood Memory Society
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In Blood Memory Society, Field's story is a fast-paced, action thriller, science adventure with a little sci-fi and conspiracy thrown in. In this first book in the Blood Memory Society series, the protagonist, Dr. Will Dunbar, is a doctor of reproductive medicine and just as he is about to embark on his dream job as the head of the Reproductive Medicine Department at the Mayo Clinic, he receives an emergency call from a former classmate at West Point, on a matter of national security. Dunbar's expertise in the fertility world and a desire to do what is best for his country compels him to respond to his former classmate's urgent plea to hustle to Washington, D.C. Dunbar's patriotism, curiosity, and knowledge of the ocean, take him on a wild ride straight into a head-on collision with a never-before revealed government program, international conspirators, family secrets, and hidden agendas.


Author: D.A. Field

Narrator: Nicholas Tecosky

Publisher: ListenUp Production LLC

ISBN Number: 9781949278231

Total Runtime: 10:46:43

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