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Best Spender

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Ayikaile Davy
Ayikaile Davy
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Are you ready to join the elite who handle their money well? Are you also disappointed with your finances, knowing you should be much further ahead than you are? If you want to get the MOST out of the multi-millions you will receive in your lifetime, then Best Spender, a 6-step spending makeover, is for you. From the 9/11 tragedy to the Great Recession, events in the start of the 21st century shook up the lives of people worldwide. Author, speaker, and Legacy Advancement Innovator, Ayikaile Davy, is an accomplished finance professional of over 20 years. She found herself blindsided by financial problems during this volatile time. Ayikaile's transparent account as a finance professional facing financial challenges, shows an empowering example of self-reflection sparking redemption. Readers are inspired to start wherever they are to overcome even the darkest challenges at the intersection of money and personal circumstances. Ayikaile shares wisdom from the integration of her success in beating money challenges along with insights gained from her career in taxation and finance. Learn a holistic way to skillfully manage your money with confidence, and to get meaningful value from where YOU CHOOSE to spend your money. For contact and updates visit

Author Bio: Ayikaile Davy shines as a top money optimizing enthusiast. She believes that to be a star with our finances we must strongly desire financial achievement. Ayikaile helps motivated people to beat financial disappointment and win at last with their finances. Mrs. Davy grew up in Spring Valley, New York. Math was hands down her favorite subject throughout school, along with playing sports and socializing with friends. A pull towards money management led her to receive a Bachelor's degree in Finance from Northeastern University. She went on to hold various financial services credentials and leadership positions within companies and organizations. Ayikaile is grateful for gaining valuable perspectives from international work experience in finance for over 15 years. She continues outreach as a business owner through seminars and programs to further the cause of financial achievement for individuals. Currently, Ayikaile is a tax Enrolled Agent who solves tax problems for clients. She co-owns and manages Davy Tax Group, LLC and is an active member of Word of Faith Family Worship Cathedral and Speaking With Power Toastmasters Club. Mrs. Davy lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband and two children. She enjoys family time, fitness activities and time with friends. Her life motto is a Zen saying, "Leap & the net will appear".

Author: Ayikaile Davy

Narrator: Ayikaile Davy

Publisher: ListenUp Production LLC

ISBN Number: 9781945213939

Total Runtime: 3:53:24

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