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Apocalypse of Mark

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Caleb Deassis
Taylor Tutt
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Title Synopsis

The Apocalypse of Mark is a Christian book written in the ancient style of apocalyptic literature designed to read like a short narrative book one would find in the Bible, like Job, Ruth, or Esther. Narrator John Mark presents a linear retelling of the Biblical meta-narrative, heavily quoting from and alluding to the Biblical text. Beginning prior to creation and ending in the "new heavens and earth" incorporating enigmatic Biblical passages, it demonstrates how they are indispensable to the overall redemption story. The text also offers the reader hope by exposing the Gospel of Jesus as the central focus of God's relational plan. The text is packed with theological teachings and shows how they are all interconnected. The author began the project by trying to solve the question, "Where do demons come from?" Bolstered by years of research, he presents his findings in a creative and engaging narrative style.

Author Bio

Caleb Deassis holds a BSc and a MA in Christian Apologetics. The quest for the answer to “Am I truly happy?” led to a personal encounter with Jesus. After questioning his friends and University colleagues, he realized no one is truly happy, but everyone felt they would be truly happy when they reached a future goal. Not satisfied with the responses, Caleb set out to find true happiness in one of the heaviest books in the University's library on comparative religions. However, instead of in that book, at a bus stop on a snowy rush-hour morning, Caleb felt true happiness. It was as if time itself stopped and he was overcome with a previously unfelt feeling. Instantly, Caleb knew he had received a revelation from Jesus and his life was forever changed.

Author: Caleb Deassis

NarratorTaylor Tutt

Publishers: Caleb Deassis Teaching Ministry

Running Time: 00:33:48

ISBN: 9781953598653

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