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Always a Maiden

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Katy Madison
Chris Mayers
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Lady Susanah Poole is everything a gentleman should want in a bride. She's pretty enough, the heir to her father's considerable estate, and she's perfectly behaved. Except she keeps losing her suitors, one right after another to the Belles of Beak Street. When a completely unacceptable rake catches her in a rare fit of pique and suggests he could teach her what the belles have, she is determined to do whatever it takes to land a lord before her exasperated father forces her to marry an old man, even if it means accepting the guidance of a notorious womanizer. The last thing Evan Cooper expects is for the rigidly proper Lady Susanah to accept his off-the-cuff offer to teach her about passion. While she is not in his usual vein of bored widows or neglected wives, he is intrigued by her. But she makes it perfectly clear, while she may welcome his kisses, she'll never accept his proposal, not that he has any plan to marry or fall in love for that matter.

Author Bio: Katy Madison has always loved stories and books. As a child she was always lugging a book around. In third grade, she fell in love with the romance genre when her mother fed her voracious appetite for books with a romance novel. Sidetracked by real life, a husband, kids, and a career at The Kansas City Star, where she authored a few incident reports and a system manual, she returned to her love of the genre with her gothic romance, Tainted by Temptation.Katy makes her home on a tree-lined street in Kansas City, Missouri, and thinks there is nothing better than curling up in front of the fireplace with a good book while a storm rages outside.

Author: Katy Madison

Narrator: Chris Mayers

Publisher: ListenUp Production LLC

ISBN Number: 9781945213748

Total Runtime: 6:45:38

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